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ProLegal eDiscovery Services in Pensacola

Electronic Discovery has become the primary focus of the discovery process as the scope of electronic evidence has made it virtually impossible to ignore. Read the rest of this entry »

ProLegal Online Review with On Demand in Pensacola

The increased volume of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and the corresponding increase in potentially discoverable data has dramatically increased the potential costs of the e-discovery process. Online Review through On Demand mitigates these costs by streamlining the e-discovery process. Read the rest of this entry »

Pensacola Saves on Gas and Mileage: Premium Document Service Providers Pick Up and Deliver Presentation Graphics and Charts

Spending time on the road limits the amount of work you can accomplish. While you can have meetings over the phone and discuss what needs to be completed, time spent in the car is a drain on your overall production – especially running around town.You already have too many projects pulling you in too many directions. Why waste time running errands when you donít have to? Read the rest of this entry »